Double or Single Hung Windows – Your Choice


At American Made Windows, we are often asked to explain the difference between single and double hung windows. Both have advantages, but we’ll let you decide which is best for your particular need or application.


Single-Hung Windows

In a single-hung window, the bottom sash or half of the window moves up and down to an open or closed position, while the upper half, or sash is fixed in place. Single-hung windows are usually chosen for new construction, apartment or condo buildings, offices and other commercial type buildings because they tend to cost less than double-hung windows.  However, single-hung windows do have their limitations. Since the upper half of the window cannot be opened, they offer less air flow and ventilation. They are also more difficult to clean because while the bottom sash can be tilted in for cleaning both sides, the top can only be cleaned from outside – which can be a challenge for upper-floor windows.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows offer the freedom to open both the top and bottom sashes, allowing for better airflow and ventilation. In addition, both the upper and lower sashes can be tilted down and in for simple and convenient cleaning of both inside and outside surfaces. This eliminates the need for ladders or special equipment or hiring a professional window cleaner to clean your windows.

The choice between single-hung or double-hung windows will most likely come down to your window budget and your need for convenience in cleaning. While a double-hung window may cost more upfront, in the long run the added convenience and durability could make the extra expense worth it. At American Made Windows we offer expertly crafted windows in both styles.

We also offer a complimentary inspection of your current windows, complete window installation as well as window repair and replacement. No matter what type of windows you need, we have a solution for your home that fits your budget. We pride ourselves on providing jobs right here in America and supplying an American-Made product to you. To find out more about our products, or to schedule a window inspection and estimate, contact us at 228-818-6136, or you can leave a message on our contact page. We provide window products and service for homeowners in the entire Gulf Coast region.