What Is R-Value And Why It Matters

Over the last decade or so, homeowners have become much more concerned with the efficiency of their homes—as they should! With rising heating and cooling costs, having inefficient windows, doors or siding can lead to higher monthly energy bills and reduced home value. While there are many ways to improve the overall thermal efficiency of your home, replacing those outdated, low efficiency windows offers one of the highest returns on your investment.

Cosy Inside, Thermal Window, R-ValueBut simply deciding to upgrade to more efficient windows isn’t always as simple as it sounds! Once you start shopping around for new and improved windows, you’ll hear a variety of terms, from ENERGY STAR-ratings to U-values and solar heat gain coefficients. This all can seem overwhelming, but one of the best places to start is by looking at the R-value of the various windows available today.

At American Made Windows, we want to help you understand all the confusing information out there about efficient home windows. We’ll start by explaining exactly what  the R-value is, and why you should care about what it means for your home!


Determining the best windows using R-Value

There are several ways that efficiency is measured with windows in the home. The “R” in R-value refers to theHigh R-Value Window Resistance to heat flow. In case you missed high school physics, heat naturally moves in one direction, from warmer to cooler. So, in climates where there is a large temperature difference between the inside and the outside of your home, R-values can play a big role in your home’s efficiency. Think of it like this, if it is cold outside, the warm air inside your home will naturally try to escape through your windows, and in the heart of summer, the heat will attempt to move through your windows into the air-conditioned indoors.

What does this mean for you? To put it simply, inefficient older windows will allow much more heat to flow through the window—this will cause your heating or cooling system to work much harder to maintain an ideal indoor temperature. This, naturally, will lead to higher utility costs.

When considering the R-value of windows, the higher the number, the greater the energy efficiency of the window. Higher is what you are looking for, but the numbers are hard to calculate. For example, a window with an R-value of 5 is 50% more efficient than a window with an R-value of only 3.3!

The Benefits of Installing High R-Value Windows

So obviously, choosing windows with a greater R-value reduces heat loss and gain in the home, which makes your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently, driving your energy costs down. But what are the other benefits you can expect by investing in more efficient windows? There are several ways your home will benefit from windows with increased R-value, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lowered utility bills for heating and cooling
  • Consistent temperatures from room to room
  • Better indoor comfort
  • Higher home resale value

Home Value, SoldInvesting in energy-efficient windows and other home upgrades is more than just a trend—it’s a wise investment in the long-term value of your property and the comfort of your family. Choosing replacement windows with a high R-value is one way that you can update your home with smart choices that also deliver results. The professionals at American Made Windows can help you understand not just what R-value is best for your home, but everything that goes into selecting the perfect window for your needs and budget. Give us a call or fill out our online form today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have! We also offer a complimentary inspection of your current windows, complete window installation as well as window repair and replacement. No matter what type of windows you need, we have a solution for your home that fits your budget. We pride ourselves on providing jobs right here in America and supplying an American-Made product to you. To find out more about our products, or to schedule a window inspection and estimate, contact us at 228-818-6136, or you can leave a message on our contact page. We provide window products and service for homeowners in the entire Gulf Coast region.