Replacing Your Windows In The Wintertime

A lot of homeowners have reservations about undertaking a replacement window project in the winter months. It’s understandable. It’s cold and dark and major holidays fall right in the middle of winter. Most people would rather think about anything else than getting their windows replaced. In actuality, replacing your windows in the winter not only does not have any downside compared to summer, in fact, you are more likely to get a better deal buying windows during the slower season. The benefits may include better pricing, faster service and greater scheduling flexibility during the slower period.

But, The Temperature!

One big misconception about winter window installation is that because of the cooler temperatures, it is not as effective as changing your windows during the warmer months. Homeowners often fear that the sealants won’t stick, or insulating foam will not expand properly in the colder temperatures. In reality, the window installers at American Made Windows adapt to the conditions, and resort to using materials that don’t lose their adhesive or expanding properties when the temperature drops significantly. While it may get a little cool here on the Gulf Coast, it’s not like we have to deal with an Arctic blast.

What About Energy Loss!

Another concern homeowners have with replacing their windows in the cooler winter is that leaving the home open during the installation process can lead to significant heat and energy losses. For this reason, our crews usually install one window at a time to ensure maximum comfort in the home.

Easier Scheduling!

Another main reason to shop for replacement windows during the cooler months is that you have a lot of flexibility for when the actual installation will take place. Although most companies will prefer to install them as soon as possible, they will work with you and can schedule a spring installation if you still prefer to do get the windows put in during the warm months.

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