The Best Reasons To Buy Replacement Windows

Key Benefits of New or Replacement Windows

When most people think of reasons to replace their windows, they think mainly of curb appeal like they do with landscaping, but new window installation offers a chance to upgrade your home not only in style and resale value but actual cost savings. Almost 40 percent of central air conditioning and heat lost through older windows and doors, quality replacement windows with proper glazing and insulation can yield substantial savings on energy.

Replacement windows today also deliver savings in things like maintenance costs and convenience, because newer windows don’t require of scraping, re-caulking and new paint.

New Windows Will Save on Utility Bills

Window salespeople, even here at American Made Windows, will tell you about energy savings with new windows, and it is true. Good quality windows, properly installed, can yield substantial utility bill savings. How much you save depends of course on the type of window you choose and the type and condition of the windows you are replacing.

But as we stated above in the average American home, 38-45 percent of the heating and cooling loss is through poor windows and doors. If your home has drafty single-pane windows or single-pane aluminum sliders, the heat loss from windows may be as much as 50 percent. The poorer the performance of your old windows, the more dramatic the savings the saving will be. In fact in most cases, we see the savings alone cover the cost of your new windows over time..

Window Openings

Many people don’t realize that you don’t have to replace old windows with new ones that have the same opening style. A fixed window, that is, one that does not actually open, is the best window to prevent air passage. Not the best for escaping through and pointless for ventilation, a fixed window or two can add substantially to your energy savings.

The least efficient opening style of window would be a slider. Many people select sliders simply because they replace with what they had. We have good sliders at American Made Windows, but they rely features, such as low-E coatings and more glazing layers, to deliver top energy performance. Sliders, which have more joints and gaps, are also more susceptible to air leaks as the seals age and get worn or lose their resiliency.

NFRC Rating

Look for the U-factor rating on any replacement window you are considering. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has developed a rating system so that consumers can compare the quality and thermal soundness of any window.

The NFRC gives each window a U-factor rating. The U-factor is the inverse of the more familiar R-factor used in attic insulation. So a U-factor of .5 equals an R-factor of 2. The lower the U-factor the better it is.

Purchase the Best Window for Your Lifestyle

Obviously, the price is a major consideration when deciding on replacement windows. Keep in mind that a good portion of your cost is installation, so it does makes sense to leverage those costs by installing a better window. Here are some guidelines:

Buy a double-pane window with a low U-factor when:

  • You don’t expect to live in the home for a long time.
  • You have less expensive gas or oil heat.
  • You expect energy prices to remain stable or drop.
  • You expect to have more income in 10-15 years.

Buy a triple-pane window with a very low U-factor when:

  • You expect to live in the home for 10 years or more.
  • You have more expensive electric heat.
  • You expect energy prices to rise sharply.
  • You expect to have less income in 10-15 years such as retirement.

Why American Made Windows?

With all the features and benefits that our windows have to offer, there’s no reason to put off getting new windows for your home. American Made Windows offers complete window installation as well as window repair and replacement. No matter what type of windows you need, you can get them custom-made for your home. We pride ourselves on providing jobs right here in America and supplying an American-Made product to you. To find out more about our products, or to schedule a window inspection and estimate, contact us at 228-818-6136, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide window products and service for homeowners in the entire Gulf Coast region.