eMax Plus – High Performance Glass

We’ve all seen the trend in replacement windows for double or even triple glazing as a way to increase a window’s thermal efficiency. At American Made Windows, was also offer multiple layers of glass, with the space between filled with an inert gas, that prohibits heat transfer from one pane to the other. But we also do a few things to make several other window problems a thing of the past.


That annoying “fog” or mist of water droplets that form around the edges of windows  where the glass is insulated least effectively and where surface temperatures are the coldest.
If a standard “cold edge” spacer exists and outside temperatures fall to 0°F condensation will form on the glass edge even in homes with as little as 15% relative humidity. The solution to condensation formation on glass is to increase the thermal efficiency of the edge of the glass: the window’ weak link. At American Made Windows we use a Super Spacer a superior warm edge spacer meaning that the inside humidity can go substantially higher before condensation forms on the glass. The problem is virtually eliminated.

Heat Transfer

We use a specially formulated invisible coating that is bonded to the interior surface of our insulating glass units. This coating actually blocks long wave (heat) radiation by reflecting it back to its source. This specially formulated coating is coupled with an inert gas that provides
additional insulating value to help slow down the transfer of heat from the outside in the summer or inside in the winter. Problem Solved!

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