Are French Doors For You?

French doors are a timeless look that creates fluidity between two spaces. Whether interior or exterior, this design element is an elegant way to create some privacy but maintain a visual connection the the outdoors. But they actually French?

The origins of french doors can, in fact be traced back to the French Renaissance. During the seventeenth century, it became fashionable to have open space in the home.

French doors have always been a tried and true design feature because they completely open up a space and today, advances in manufacturing technology have created modern doors that are not only more durable and long lasting, but energy efficient too.

French doors are found today in many different houses, from beach-side bungalows to Manhattan penthouses. Chosen mainly for their aesthetic appeal and for the way in which they allow natural light into a room.

These doors are also called patio doors. In fact in France, they are called porte-fenêtre, with translated actually means “window door”. Anyway, however you say it, if it is French doors you want for your home, take a look at the American Made Windows showroom for some fine examples of the best “American Made” French door that money can buy!

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