Is a Sun Room Right For Your Home?

Ahhh, the sunroom. You’ve seen them on everything from stately mansions to tiny Florida bungalows. So what is the appeal? Why do so many homeowners like to add this room that is neither inside, nor outside?

Well, it starts with the very name itself. This “room” allows sunlight to enter, without any of the negatives associated with sunlight, like heat and damaging UV rays. Beyond that, it allows for a feeling of lounging or dining “al fresco” without getting bothered by bugs or rained upon and also allows for a feeling of being outside, even when temperatures plummet lower than would allow for being outdoors comfortably.

Beyond mere creature comfort, adding an energy efficient sunroom to your home can also increase the value of your home by obviously adding to the total square footage of the house, but also because sunrooms are a popular feature, sought out by home buyers. It should be pointed out that adding square footage can also increase your property taxes, but the value usually offsets the additional tax.

Where to build your new sunroom depends on your pleasure.  If warmth is important, build your sunroom on a south-facing section of the house. If you like to watch the sun come up then an east facing position is best, while a west facing room allows you to enjoy the late afternoon sun and relaxing sunsets.

Sizes of sunrooms vary. Our more popular sizes range between 10′ x 12′ to 16′ x 24′, as well as a multitude of sizes to fit any existing deck or concrete slab, and of course, we can custom build to suit any specification.

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