Cleaning Windows No Longer a Chore with American Made

Cleaning windows, especially on the second floor of your home has always been a chore at best, and at worst can even be quite dangerous. Those days are over with double hung windows.

The ease of cleaning a double hung window with a dual operating sash system from American Made Windows is almost worth the price of the windows! The dual sash feature makes it possible to clean both inside and outside of the window from inside your home. This is perfect for upstairs rooms and means no ladders, power washers or dangerous leaning out of your window is necessary to get sparkling clean windows.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing windows to double hung windows from American Made Windows , call today to have one of our design consultants come to your home to discuss the best options for your needs. We offer many types of windows in a variety of materials to make your house look fabulous and with increased value. For more information about replacing your windows, call to schedule a free in-home consultation with American Made Windows design consultant today.

Call American Made Windows for a custom quote to see just how much of an improvement our windows will make to your home. American Made Windows offers complete window installation as well as window repair and replacement. No matter what type of windows you need, you can get them custom-made for your home. We pride ourselves on providing an American-Made product to you. To find out more about our products, or to schedule a window inspection and estimate, contact us at 228-818-6136, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide window products and service for homeowners in the entire Gulf Coast region.