Summer Window Cleaning Tips

As the hot muggy days of summer take their toll on your window glass, here are a few tips for not only getting them clean, but keeping them clean!

Hot days and air conditioned interiors make for condensation, even on double glazed windows if the temperature variance is large enough, and a damp window catches dust and grime. Professional window cleaners have several tried and true remedies for not only cleaning efficiently from a time and energy standpoint, but ways that leave your windows sparkling, streak free and staying clean longer between treatments.

First, let’s address your cleaning tools. You will need a spray bottle, a good natural sponge, a supply of either lint-free cotton cloths or a large microfiber towel and a good quality squeegee with an extender handle for tall windows,

Next, you can trow out all your ammonia-based sprays and mix up a batch of what the pros use for your spray bottle. Mix 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar with 5 five cups of very warm distilled water (this is a 1-10 ratio and can be made into larger amounts as long as the mix is 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water). The distilled water is important because it will leave no mineral residues.

Start while the solution is still warm on your dirtiest windows, by wetting the window and sponge with the solution then wiping the windows thoroughly. Once wiped, give the window another wetting with the spray bottle. Then starting at the top left, squeegee the window all the way down to the bottom, lift off the squeegee and (important step) wipe the blade with a clean cloth. Then again from the top, overlap the edge you already wiped, repeating the process (wiping the squeegee after every stroke) until the entire window is dry.

If there are any drips or wet edges around the frame, simply wipe down with your microfiber cloth, making sure you do not wipe the whole window with the cloth. The reason for not over wiping once you have squeegeed, is that the vinegar/water solution once dried on the glass, leaves a protective barrier making it more difficult for dust to stick to your windows.

Happy cleaning, from your friends at American Made Windows of Ocean Springs, MS.