Christmas Windows!

As the season with a reason approaches, we turn our attention to decorations, and while the tree and its trimmings take center stage for sure, many overlook a great source of inspiration in their homes … the windows!

That’s right, your windows make a perfect showcase for your creative talents during the holidays and here are a few ideas to help you get started.

From simple candles in every window, to a glorious display of light and color in a massive bay window, you can ring in the holiday and new year that will have family (and your neighbors) impressed with your sense of style.

Hang Stockings

Stockings aren’t just for the fireplace – you can fill a window with them! Hang them on a wire and add a few ornaments ornaments and garland to decorate your windows for the holidays!

Candy Canes

Candy canes are an inexpensive way to dress up your windows. Add some pine cones and it really says Christmas! You can paint your pine cones gold or add some glitter to make your window sparkle with holiday cheer!

Go Vintage

Drape the outside of your windows with vines and wrap some small lights in them. Use paper or foil stars on the inside, either hung with string or ribbon, or adhered to the glass for a starry night feel. This is a very classy look.

Au Natural

Bring the outdoors in with what you have around your home – twigs and pine cones. You can spray paint them in shiny black, gold or silver or leave them natural. You can also glue them and roll them in glitter for a sparkly look. Stand them in a tall vases or stemless champagne flutes and hang crystal beads on them for an icy winter look!

Try your hand at a few of these holiday themed windows or come up with some of your own, use greeting cards, stained glass, bunches or ornaments and ribbon, but in any event, use your home’s windows for full effect this Christmas!