Kitchen Windows – Let the Light Shine!

All good designers know the value of “visual moments” in a kitchen—unique and striking visual elements that serve as focal points to anchor the overall design. The orientation and features of the space itself play a major role in how and when these moments occur. Few kitchens are similar, from the scale of the space to the current structural features. However, a window or two is a common feature in many kitchens, and how this feature is used can be key to great kitchen design.

Almost every interior designer relishes the chance to build a space around one or more kitchen windows. Given the amount of cabinetry lining the walls, a window provides both visual relief and the obvious advantage of bringing natural light into the room. Natural light gives a space a sense of realism that no artificial lighting can equal, and kitchen designers are still searching for ways to illustrate a window in some way.

Ask your American Made Window specialist for guidance with the may options available to enhance your kitchen with new windows. Since almost everyone loves looking outside while washing dishes or cooking food, the usual way to use a window in a kitchen is to put the sink underneath it. However, there are a number of other ways to bring a kitchen window to life, the majority of which may include moving it.

If your kitchen has several windows, consider using them to frame a popular feature, such as the range hood. In kitchens with commercial-grade cooking ranges and designer range hoods, this technique will work wonders. This element, which is framed by windows, can create an entire focal wall that anchors the kitchen design, particularly if it is highlighted with a unique surface treatment, such as black subway tile.

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