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Time for New Windows? Consider This.

October 2, 2020

When asking yourself what kind of windows you should I buy for your home … the answer to your question may require careful thought. Your home’s windows can define the look and feel of your home and actually improve its value considerably. Replacing your old windows usually means two things for your home: First, buying…

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Getting Your Windows Ready For Fall

September 2, 2020

With the dog days of summer behind us and parts of the country already feeling cooler temps, it is time to start thinking about autumn. Decorating your windows this time of year is not just about Halloween, it is about the harvest, all hallows eve and thanksgiving, running all the way to the winter solstice,…

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Summer Window Cleaning Tips

August 2, 2020

As the hot muggy days of summer take their toll on your window glass, here are a few tips for not only getting them clean, but keeping them clean! Hot days and air conditioned interiors make for condensation, even on double glazed windows if the temperature variance is large enough, and a damp window catches…

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Cleaning Windows No Longer a Chore with American Made

July 2, 2020

Cleaning windows, especially on the second floor of your home has always been a chore at best, and at worst can even be quite dangerous. Those days are over with double hung windows. The ease of cleaning a double hung window with a dual operating sash system from American Made Windows is almost worth the…

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Why Now is the Best Time for Replacement Windows

June 2, 2020

Spring and Summer is always one of the best time for replacing windows. Why? Let’s look at a few reasons: The days are longer, meaning your project can actually be shorter. At American Made Windows of Ocean Springs, we take advantage of the dog days and are able to get more projects completed during daylight…

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Is Now a Good Time to Replace Windows?

May 2, 2020

Well, here we are. We find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, with social distancing, shopping with a mask and gloves and wondering when things will return to normal. One thing is for sure, we will return to normal at some point, and this episode will be history to learn from. As a…

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Why American-Made Matters

April 2, 2020

Now more than ever, in these uncertain times, buying American made products is even more important. But why? … some ask. What does it matter in a global economy? Are American made products any better than those made elsewhere? Can I make a difference by supporting American companies? Well, at American Made Windows, we can…

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Window Treatments – Necessity or Afterthought

March 2, 2020

Even Hunter Douglas, manufacturer of fine shades, blinds and window treatments said in a statement that often, window treatments are an afterthought. “Appliances are a necessity,” says Kim Kiner, vice president of textiles and material design for Hunter Douglas. “They’re the last thing people think about because they’re not considered a necessity. Appliances are necessities. Window treatments…

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Low-E Glass, A Sound Investment

February 2, 2020

There are so many choices when it comes to putting the actual glass in your new or replacement windows. From a single pane of clear glass, to a triple layer of UV protected, gas filled, thermal blocker, So let’s break it down. What are Dual and Triple Pane Windows?Also called “glazing”, this refers to the…

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Is a Sun Room Right For Your Home?

January 2, 2020

Ahhh, the sunroom. You’ve seen them on everything from stately mansions to tiny Florida bungalows. So what is the appeal? Why do so many homeowners like to add this room that is neither inside, nor outside? Well, it starts with the very name itself. This “room” allows sunlight to enter, without any of the negatives…

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