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Our Best Advice For Saving Money on Windows …

September 2, 2018

  Whether you are looking to make your home more comfortable for your family, more energy efficient, or just want give your home a new look this fall, replacing your windows is the one thing you can do that covers all those bases. Replacing your windows can also increase the value of your home, meaning…

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Bow and Bay Windows – Old Style is New Again …

August 2, 2018

If you’ve ever driven past a home that was built about halfway through the last century, you have probably admired the large windows gracing the front of the house. Picture and Bow or Bay windows were very commonplace in post-war era homes, but slowly faded from modern design as architects built with smaller, easier to…

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A Glossary Of Terms To Help You Shop For Windows

July 2, 2018

Regardless of where you shop for windows, it will be a lot easier if you know what to ask for, and what each term means. Take a minute to read through some of these terms and familiarize yourself with “window vernacular” and then shop like a pro from A to Z A American Made Windows…

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Window Design Trends For 2018

June 2, 2018

When choosing windows for your home, it is always important to be aware of current window trends, the overall design of your home, and even prevailing look of your entire neighborhood. At American Made Windows, we can help you choose the right windows to keep your home in-style with windows, accessories and even suggest the…

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Installation Makes A Difference!

May 2, 2018

One solid reason for choosing American Made Windows for your home or condo is our unique installation process. We believe that there are no shortcuts when installing windows in a customer’s home. Our factory trained installation teams are certified to ensure a proper install is done on every job. The fact that the windows that…

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Springtime Window Makeovers

April 2, 2018

Springtime is the perfect season to either add new windows to your home or spruce up your existing windows with some new treatments. Here are a few makeover examples to get your creative juices flowing. Try a Wooden Cornice Try a patterned cornice. This is a simple way to add drama, shade and privacy to…

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Will New Windows Increase Home Value?

March 2, 2018

  The short answer to that question is YES, new windows can significantly increase the value of your home. According to the national data report on cost vs. value, $15,000 invested in replacement windows for your home will add a resale value of $11,500 to your home. That means that 74% of the expense is covered immediately. That truly…

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2018, The Year For New Windows

February 2, 2018

Are you looking to upgrade and replace your windows in 2018? Well, here is some good news about the modern windows we manufacture and sell at American Made Windows. Replacing the windows in your home is one of the most important investments you can make. Window replacement will not only make your home more comfortable,…

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Five Reasons To Replace Your Windows

January 2, 2018

  A Draft. Do you feel a draft along the edges of your windows or beneath your window sill, even when they are shut? This may be caused by poor installation, faulty window seals, cracked wood frames and more. A drafty window can drastically affect the overall temperature of your home, causing your heating or…

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